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I'm a specialist in bodyweight training, often called Calisthenics. I believe this is more than just the next trend in fitness - training with our own bodyweight allows us to target strength and flexibility in a way is both functional and completely metabolic.
I have a background in training for rehabilitation, which has given me an in depth understanding of injury recovery. I can create a training programme designed to help you train your way back to full fitness without causing further damage to the injured area.
A New Lifestyle
When we begin working together my central goal is to train you into a position where you can carry on with a new fitter and healthier lifestyle. I believe that fitness should be sustainable, and keep this at the centre of my planning and my coaching approach.
Our Prices
Sessions at Fitness Soul Studio will take advantage of the amazing equipment on offer, a true playground of fitness fun. If you'd rather work from home then I'm happy to accommodate - home based sessions will be a predominantly bodyweight/ calisthenics style work out.
@ Fitness Soul Studio
1-1 : £30 / hour
1-2 : £40 / hour
@ Your Base
1-1 : £40 / hour
1-2 : £50 / hour
If you would like to purchase a block of sessions there is a 10% discount on bookings of five sessions or more, saving you as much as £5 per session!
If you'd like to get in touch please either fill in the form and I'll call you back, or feel free to call me directly on 07702 332 258. We'll start things off by getting together to discuss where you are, and where you'd like to be. This consultation session is totally free, and by the end of it you'll have the beginnings of a plan for acheiving your fitness goals.
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